Fashion & Its Impact on Your Success

Like it or not your wardrobe is the first piece of information people use in the formation of how they perceive you. Your choice of clothing is the first way that you communicate with others. Before you speak a single word you are already making a statement; are you trustworthy? Can you handle making major decisions? Are you worth a salary increase? Should you be promoted? These are all questions your attire has answered for others as soon as you walk in the door. When it comes to the opinion of others, perception is reality and often times the way you are dressed heavily influences their perception and it is hard to change their opinion. In a study done on the influence of fashion on success at work, managers were asked about the importance of dress on success at work and 93% agreed your dress influences your chance of a promotion. While the way you dress should not be the sole deciding factor on how you excel at work, it does play a part. If you want to gain success and benefit from the the work you are putting in, make sure your wardrobe helps your rise to the top and doesn’t hinder it.

FullSizeRender 3

Now that we know how important fashion is to your career success, take a minute to click on link below for your free one white tee five ways ebook. Enjoy!

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