Give Me Just A Little

“I don’t want the whole thing, I just want a little so I can taste it.” Has this ever been you or someone you know? Normally, this is in relation to food, and normally it is someone wanting to try something you have. As I am sure this is something everyone has experienced in one way or another, I thought it would be a good reference to use to show you how this idea of a little, not a lot, can also apply to your fashion. Have you ever seen someone on the street or seen someone on tv and thought; I love that look but I can’t wear that color, its too much for me or I like that print but I thats a bold pattern, I can’t do that! Well, guess what? You can wear that color and you can wear that print and still be comfortable while wearing it. Want to know how you can step out, try a new look and still be confident enough to leave the house? Remember that quote from before I told you about “I don’t want the whole thing, I just want a little so I can taste it.”

Well, instead of tasting food, you are going to “get a taste” of a the new look; you are going to try it out on a smaller scale. An entire top and bottom outfit in animal print too much? No problem, start with adding animal print accessories to your look. Think about wearing a basic outfit with a animal print bag. Keep your outfit simple and let your bag becomes your statement piece. The color too much for you? Try wearing a new, bright color in a shoe. Do you get it now? Just like those who only want a taste of your food, you can have “just a taste” of a style that is outside of your comfort zone. Just because you don’t want a whole cake, doesn’t mean you want to miss out entirely on a sweet treat. By sampling a cake or sampling a new fashion style, in an understated way, you get the benefit of having it without the guilt of eating a  large amount of cake or the fear of trying out something new with your style. You get to become comfortable stepping away from your safety net and you get to try something new without doing a complete stye change before you even know if you like the new look.

Tip: accessories are always a great way to try a new style; bags, shoes, even jewelry are great ways to take small steps toward a new look. These are easy ways to try a new style or look you see.


If you want to try something a little more than accessories, try adding in a new color or pattern in the trim of your garment or adding on a third layer like a vest or a scarf. So the next time you see something outside of your normal style, don’t be afraid to give it a try, just remember; “I don’t want the whole thing, I just want a little taste.”


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