Athleisure:The New Casual


“Athleisure,  the athletic and leisure hybrid word created to describe those clothes that fit in the newly created segment for pieces that are neither strictly athletic nor strictly leisure but sits in a comfortable spot in-between, appropriate for both or one. This new broad category of “lux sport” is loved by everyday consumers and fashion enthusiast alike. From designer leggings to high-end sweatpants. This phenomenon is continuing to grow in popularity and from the looks of it, it seems to be here to stay. This is proven by the number of new retail spaces, or divisions of main retailers, popping up dedicated to this sport and leisure lifestyle.



“Athleisure is bigger than a trend, as evidenced by the number of people who wear yoga pants anywhere.”

Eric Wilson, Instyle Columnist



Many of these retailers are joining this growing movement with the addition of pieces being referred to as “gym-to-the-office” attire. Now while the idea of wanting to wear our gym clothes to the office or our office clothes to the gym might be hard for some of us to fathom,  there is a growing cult of people who not only understand it, but they support it. With a higher percentage of the population becoming more focused on living healthier lifestyles, all aspects of the lives of these people have to evolve to support this new lifestyle People now require their clothes to also lend to their new lifestyle, providing both form and function.

With busy lives and busy schedules, people are finding it harder and harder to weave their healthy lifestyle habits into their busy and hectic schedules. These same health enthusiast also have a desire for comfort without the sacrifice of style and high-end appeal. With schedules getting busier and time seeming to grow more scarce, people are having to fit working out and time for the gym into any available time they can find resulting in more and more gym time being done during work hours or directly before or after the work day. This new need to make the most of every minute has birthed the need for clothes that are multifunctional;  direct movement from one task to another; work to gym and gym to  work, all while looking good while doing it.



Like all style evolutions, athleisure is the result of the need for making the most the 24 hours in every day without sacrificing style in the process. If you haven’t heard of athleisure or are not sure what it really is take a look at how celebrities are rocking their athleisure gear belowIMG_2308

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