Seeing (Denim) Double

While denim can hardly be called a trend seeing as it is such a wardrobe staple, denim on denim is a style that makes its appearance in the fashion cycle more times then the traditional once every revolution of the wheel. Denim on denim is a regular look everywhere these days from casual off days to dressed down work attire.There are a few things to keep in mind however, to pulling off this look without looking like you are wearing a matching denim uniform. Lucky for you, I have those tips and I am here to share them with you. Make sure to check back with me tomorrow as I show you how to pull off this look with style. 

4 thoughts on “Seeing (Denim) Double

  1. You should d finitely give it a try! One tip for pulling off this look is to not try to match your two denims. It they don’t exactly match, it will look like you tried to match and missed the mark. Instead look for two different denims to pair together. Hope this helps, I would love to see your look when you give it a try!


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