Today I want to show you how I helped @janaycharmaine as she begins to prepare for graduation and transition from college to the real world. She is starting an internship and needed help with how to dress for an internship and how to start updating her wardrobe for the workplace all while making these updates without spending too much money. This is the pair of basic chinos Janay purchased to begin her internship. Checkout below for the complete looks.

I pulled some looks from the wardrobe basics Style Guide I created. I gave her three simple, 2-piece looks she can easily pull together for three quick internship appropriate looks. (As I told Janay, it is important to find out the dress code of your particular business to see how formal or casual the dress code is) and then…

Three NEW looks! 

By simply adding a finishing piece, Janay is able to make three different, complete looks using the two piece outfits from above. The great thing about these looks is that the tops and the finishing pieces can be mixed and matched for different looks.

Just using these basic pieces to pair with her chinos, Janay will be wardrobe ready for internship and can easily add in more pieces as she approaches graduation and he real world workplace. Send me a message if you want me to help you with a style question!

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