One of the first things I learned about Troy when I met him was his fondness of dressing well and always being very stylish. It it really refreshing to see a man that didn’t feel forced to dress well but actually likes to. 

What I also learned was because he has an affinity for more professional, stylish clothes (think ties, suspenders and pocket squares) he didn’t often take the time to work on building a more casual/weekend appropriate wardrobe. He said he actually didn’t really know where to start; his comfort was more in suits and ties than casual wear.

To help start to develop his dressed down style and look, we started with really looking at what his style was and how that could be translated into casual, less formal looks. We also looked at his style inspiration and whose style he liked. Check out below for some of the celebrities whose style he likes

☝🏽Michael B Jordan & Lance Gross

From this I helped him narrow in on some basic, casual pieces that he could start with to build his casual wardrobe. 

Because Troy spends so much time dressed up and puts so much effort into the details of his dressy looks, when he does dress down we want to make it easy and effortless. Some of the things Troy should look for are basic tees and simple buttonfronts and casual wovens.

☝🏽Chambray/denim tops, Henley tees & casual wovens

Keep the bottoms just as simple and easy. Go for jeans in casual washes and broken in chinos and khakis

Since Troy is not really a sneaker head, we wanted to look for shoes with an athletic feel without being a real “sneaker. ” These are casual and can be worn with many casual looks. 

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