#ASKTHESTYLIST:Style Me Casual for Fridays

I have known Stephanie for some years and what I know of her style is that she likes to stand out. while she sticks to neutrals, mostly blacks and whites, she likes to being interest to her look by incorporating “finishing pieces” such as jackets and oversized sweaters in colorful prints and patterns. 

Stephanie has always dressed well and doesn’t have trouble putting her looks together but wanted some help with putting together looks with her jeans for Casual Fridays at work that were office appropriate but still let her show her personality. 

After talking to Stephanie about the culture in her office, check out what I came up with below for some Casual Friday options.

With a more conservative office environment, casual Fridays are not as “casual” as they are for some other people. One way to show personality is to keep her outfit conservative and be a little more bold with her jewelry and accessories; think chunky necklaces and pops of color in the details.

Cardigans are an office staple.  Pair a belted one with a silk cami for a mix of texture that gives more visual interest. You can also try a cami in a fun color or print. With it paired under your cardigan, you can wear a bolder color or pattern in a more subtle way. Check out the flats paired with this outfit. This is color and pattern done in a way that shows some personality while still being acceptable for the office.

Sweaters for work don’t have to be borning. Pair a printed button up under your sweater for some unexpected color or pattern. Pair with a fitted pair of jeans and boots for a complete casual look appropriate for work that doesn’t leave you wishing you could show more personality. 

If you have a fashion question or need some outfit tips, let me help!

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