#ASKTHESTYLIST: Style My Look More Mature

Those who know Carlos, know him most for being seen in his plaid button ups, hoodies and baggy jeans. Now that he has hit the thirty club, he is ready to start to introduce some more mature, grown up looks into his style. I wanted to show him that he can make small changes to the things he likes about his current wardrobe to update and upgrade his look.

Having grown comfortable in his current look, he didn’t have an exact idea of what his new look should include so he left it up to me to help bring his style to the next level. Take a look below and see the looks I put together to upgrade his look to a more mature style.

Small changes can help take your look from too casual to more pulled together. Thermal tops are easy and comfortable and button front cardigans are an easy way to complete your outfit and make your look more polished. Pair with a cool pair of shoes and you are ready for the day. There are lots of cool shoes styles that are great in between options that are not a sneaker hut not hard bottom dress shoes either.

I know lots of guys are hesitant to try straight leg or “fitted”jeans because they fear them being tight. “Fitted” doesn’t mean tight. You can find jeans that fit without being tight. Opt for a dark wash for a more polished look. We paired the jeans with a button up, this time in a cool, bright color paired under an easy sweater and a cool jacket to finish the look.

Sometimes you actually just want to be casual. This is a cool casual look that doesn’t take alot of time but looks very put together. 

Carlos doesn’t have to give up his love of plaids, just look for patterns that look more polished. Go for smaller plaid prints and try some checkered patterns. A fitted leather jacket is always a must and will really complete your look. 

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