#ASKTHESTYLIST: Style the Featured Speaker

I normally do one #ASKTHESTYLIST each week but this week, I am giving you a BONUS, I am answering two style questions! Alease Michelle reached out to me to ask for some suggestions on what to wear when you are the guest Speaker at an event. Her client, Gousalya, who is a great artist, has been asked to be the guest speaker (YAY, so excited for her!)  at a cool vision board brunch. If you are in the Charlotte area, you should definitely check her out!, I know she will be great!

What do you wear when you are the featured speaker? Do you know? Well I have some suggestions and I am going to share them with you!

There are so many different directions you can take. Since this particular brunch is all about visuals and a little more creative and artistic, I think there is a little more room to step outside the conservative box. This look is appropriate, but allows for a little personality to show. I also love these pants. With a cropped pant, it stops a little higher than your traditional pant which allows you to have more options when it comes to shoes. More comfortable in a flat or kitten heel? No problem, both will work great with these pants and this look!

Again, this cool, fun print is a great option for both a brunch and for being the center of attention. Paired with a classic white shirt, this look is a good balance of fun and professional, still appropriate for the occasion.

This look is sure to command the attention of your audience. A simple sheath dress in a nice pop of color. A dress is always a good go to option if you are not sure what to wear. Black is always a safe option, but if the event is a little more fun and less conservative, try some color! Again, the shoe options are open. I paired this one with a leopard print flat, but a classic heel would be great also.

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