#ASKTHESTYLIST: How to Wear a Pencil Skirt for My Shape

I am so loving getting to help and answer your style and fashion questions in my #ASKTHESTYLIST series each week…Please keep the questions coming! 

This week we are helping Shanae of @samimageco with a question on how to pull off a pencil skirt if you aren’t naturally curvy. With what is referred to as a “rectangle” shape, Shanae tends to shy away from pencil skirts. 

Those with this body shape are normally not naturallly curvy and have more of a straight body, think an “H” shape. When you think of a pencil skirt you normally think of those who wear them as appearing more curvy or sharply. Well just because you are not curvy doesn’t mean you can’t wear a pencil skirt and look just as good as the curvy girls!

Here are a few tips to pull off the pencil skirt for your shape:

The trick is to draw attention away from the waist area. With focus placed somewhere else, attention is drawn away from the “problem” area. We want to draw attention away from waist area. We want focus above or below the waist. 

For this look we are drawing attention above the waist, focus on above the bust area. For this look we chose to do this with bold jewelry. Against this beautiful blue top, the necklace will pop bringing the focus up to your face and away from your waist.

Another place you can draw attention is to below the waist. Chose a skirt with details below the waist. For this look we chose a solid skirt with a flirty ruffle detail at the hem. These types of details again, draw attention away from the waist and place it in the details of your skirt. We also chose a jacket in a bright color, another trick for reflecting attention to another area.

For this look we chose a top with details at the bust or above level again, this time opting for a fun bow detail in the top. We paired this one with a printed skirt, a vest (which hits at the hip and NOT the waist) and georgous nude heels.

Another example of pattern/print above the waist. These great shoes are also a great distraction!

If you use just a couple of easy tricks, you will be rocking your pencil skirt with confidence in no time!

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