#ASKTHESTYLIST:Make My Tomboy Style More Girly

Every girl has two sides and some tend to favor one side more than the other. This is the case for Janay. When we  first helped Janay , we were helping her to dress more professional for her new internship. Today we are helping her with her personal style which leans more toward sneakers than heels. Janay has asked how she can keep the girly in her tomboy style. 

Check out the looks below and the tips for how to keep your tomboy style from looking too boy…

Comfort doesn’t have to mean you can’t look pulled together. She loves her sneakers and tshirts. So To keep it girly, we paired a zip up hoodies with a stripped, nice casual shirt instead of a basic tshirt and converse. TIP: Keep your pieces more fitted (three don’t have to be tight) to your body and not too oversized and baggy. This will help with the girly element.

If you want to keep with your more laid back style, cargos are a way to switch up from jeans but still stick to the casual style. Sticking with the tip from before, we chose a fitted pair in olive green. We paired it with a tshirt and added an additional  layer with a chambray/jean shirt overtop and still kept the sneakers.TIP: To keep your basic tshirt and jeans look from looking too overly casual, add an additional layer; we added another top but you can also add a cool leather jacket or a jean jacket or vest. Also changing up from jeans is another way to Up your look.

A sweatshirt is a favorite of many, especially those who consider themselves tomboys or who have comfort as their top priority. For this look we paired an untraditional sweatshirt with jeans and again, kept her in her preferred type of shoe. TIP:Look for small feminine details in your choices to keep the girly factor. For this look it was the off the shoulder top. Another idea is choosing a softer, more feminine color.

Not one for dressing up to run errands or for early morning classes? That’s cool, easy can still be stylish. For this look we paired leggings with a fun, rugby type tee and a soft pink pullover sweatshirt. TIP:If you want to wear tshirts, look for options other than just a basic tshirt. This will keep the  comfortable factor for you but add more to your look; think rugby tees or fitted tees in nice colors.

BONUS TIP: If you do wear basic tshirts, make sure it’s one that fits and it’s not two sizes too big. Too big and too baggy looks less pulled together and more night shirt than stylish outfit.

Hope you found something in this post that will help you if you have a tomboy style. Until the next #ASKTHESTYLIST…

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