#ASKTHESTYLIST:A How to on Plus Size Style

Today #ASKTHESTYLIST is tackling how to rock plus size style with confidence. Our style question comes from Jasmine Smith. Jasmine says she doesn’t know how to dress her “plus size” shape.

I use quotes because the word plus size is often used for anyone who is anything over like a size 4. What is normally classified as “plus size” is actually the normal for most women in America. Well, anyway, enough of that, I am now off my soapbox on size and fashion and such. Let’s get back to tips for how to feel confident and be stylish where you are.

Check out the looks below and tips to remember for dressing your shape keeping that confidence high.

Style doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t have to feel restricted or limited based on your size. Leggings or black skinnies, this outfit will be cute on anyone. TIP: Balance your proportions. If you go with skinnies or leggings on the bottom, which are more form fitting, go for something more loose on top.

Keep it cute and casual with this jeans and striped tee look. Stripes not being an option for plus size women isn’t true, you don’t have to exclude stripes from your wardrobe…TIP: there are two ways to do stripes. You can make stripes the focus of your look, opting for larger stripes which creates balance with a larger frame or you can chose smaller stripes, making them a part of your look, not the focus. If you chose smaller stripes, go with a layered look.

Work or play, this look is a must for any occasion you need to look your best. TIP:Own your size. Tops that flow away from the body or cinch at the waist and then pull away will show the smallest part of your frame. Ways to do this are empire waist tops, belts or peplum type shirts.

You can make this look work for any occasion with simple changes. Need something a little more? Switch up your jeans for a trouser or chino. TIP:Don’t be afraid of color. Color can be used to draw attention where you want the focus to be. Print and pattern is also an easy way to add visual interest to a simple outfit.

So these are my tips for how to do plus size style. Hope you found something that works for you! Until the next #ASKTHESTYLIST…

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