#ASKTHESTYLIST: What are the Colors of Spring?

Do you know your colors? Wanna know what you will be seeing and styling when Spring arrives? Well get ready for a color explosion…Spring will be all about color. 

From soft neutrals to pastels to greens and bright bolds, there is certain to be something that speaks to your taste this Spring!

Check out below to find which will be your favorite for the season…

Kale & Greenery – from deep and subdued to bright and citrus inspired 

Hazelnut – the familiar khaki color, makes a play as the neutral choice for the season. Simple and quiet. This piece, with all of its versatility, will be your go to color for ease and style.

Place Dogwood Pink – soft and feminine, this muted pastel is the definition of understated and classy. 

Pink Yarrow – pink, in all hues, will be making its presence known for Spring. This bold expression of  ‘look at me’  is sure to demand attention.

Primrose Yellow – Color Volume turned to MAX. This bright and cheerful color is the ultimate expression of all our color. Invigoating and rejuvenating, you can’t go wrong with this one. 

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