#ASKTHESTYLIST: How To: bridge the gap, modern and retro

So this week, our style question came from a male looking for a more sophisticated look that doesn’t require he give up his retro aesthetic.

I must say this is one that really made me stretch a little. To achieve a look that would be pleasing to Lonnie, I had to find just the right balance between modern and nostalgic.

Let’s hope I didn’t miss the mark. Check out what I came up with below…

Some of the retro aspects Lonnie told me he liked were the patterns of the past and he loved the coats. The suspenders lend a cool throwback vibe that is balanced with the modern feel of the shoe and coat pairings.

The paperboy cap is a classic old school staple. This is paired with a cool plaid blazer and a basic white tee and dark denim for a more current look.

Classic and certainly sophisticated. This time there are plaid windowpane print trousers paired with a soft colored, modern button up and vest. 

So what do you think? Did I find the sweet spot between the two worlds? Let’s hope so, I hope I have something that Lonnie will love…Until the next #ASKTHESTYLIST

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