It’s been far too long…

I don’t know where the time went! It has been over a month since I talked to you guys or brought you how-to tips and style inspiration. How did this happen?!? Well, the last time I posted, it was to share my news on my new adventure as the new stylist and style editor for Shay and Coco. It is this new adventure that took away some of  what was previously time for my blogging.

Working with this women’s contemporary line has been both a blessing and an exercise in learning from experience. Learning what it takes to run and grow a businesses an eye opener. The opportunity to grow is always a good thing so I am greatful, so no complaints here.

 I did realize however, as things are slowing down a little that I missed blogging. So here I am, ready to get to get back to blogging and bringing you tips, inspiration and what I hope you think is great style advise! If you followed me before (YAY!) and I hope you enjoyed what I brought to you and hope you will come back and if you are new, WELCOME and I hope you enjoy…

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