#Ask_Bianca: What to Wear with my Navy Stripe Blazer?

Hello, good Morning! Another great day to answer a style question. Today we are helping Alicia with what to pair with Her navy striped blazer.

 She purchased this blazer and wanted some ideas on what would be good colors to pair with it besides the basic black she normally wears. Check out the looks below I gave her for her cute navy striped jacket..

Navy and green. One of my absolute favorite color combinations. In either a dress like above or a skirt or pants, you can’t go wrong with this color pairing.

Another option we talked about was keeping it neutral on the bottom and adding color up top. For this look we paired dark denim jeans with a bright yellow top and browns edges. 

For a more classic look, pair with black pants and a classic white woven. Because navy is also a neutral, it is ok to pair with black for a cool look that doesn’t require all black. Finish with a shoe in a bright color to complete your look.

I love this look. Sill paired with a colored pant but this time a more subdued, soft color. Very feminine and very chic, this pastel pink pant looks super stylish paired with a cream shell and navy stripe jacket. Pair with a nude heel and you are ready.

So, as you can see, the possibilities are endless! With this striped blazer, in a neutral color, you are free to experiment. Have fun, try something new! 

Let me know your thoughts and send me pics of your looks! Until next time…

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