My Baecation Style 

I can hardly believe it is that time again but here we are! It is our anniversary weekend! Year four in the books! I always look forward to our getaways, a time for us to reconnect and be non-parents for just a little bit (I know Caden is enjoying grandparent time).

Now that you know what the vacation is for, let’s get to the good stuff…vacation style! I am such an overpacker. My husband is always shaking his head at just how much I “need” for just a few days. As I always try to tell him, you always gotta be prepared. Every woman knows if you only pack one outfit, something is bound to happen and you will need that one thing you DIDNT pack! Options is the name of the game and I always make sure I have at least two of them. 😉

So check out my pics and commentary below on my Baecation style…

For travel attire, I look for something that will be comfortable but still cute for stops along the way. I like to do layers.…it allows you to adjust for temp & climate changes. Options remember?

A little pattern play for dinner. Found a cute little restaurant called Jestines while searching for a place to eat downtown Charleston. Good food and friendly staff. Get there early, I mean it when I say cute LITTLE spot.

We decided Day two would be a good day for a late start and a relaxed, casual day. Brunch, honey wine tasting and shopping were on the menu for the day. The perfect day for relaxed boyfriends jeans and oversized chambray shirt. Sass up this casual look with a rolled cuff and wedges. 

Savannah Bee Company, a place we found while walking after dinner, for a honey wine tasting (who knew you could make wine from honey?!?) 

One constant this trip was the heat! After a warm day out and about, I decided to go for something appropriate for the heat. A maxi was the perfect attire for the warm Charleston days and nights. This was comfortable, easy and perfect for dinner. Check out Rarebit, a cute bar/diner with a cool atmosphere and menu including breakfast all day.

Sad to go but it is time to return to the other Carolinas and to my little one! With plans to make a few stops before hitting the road, jeggins and a sleeveless shell was the look. I am not normally a jeggings girl but these are great. Unlike some jeggings, this pair (target clearance!) has the weight and structure of real denim. They look like real jeans, minus the missing front pockets! 

Just as four years blew by, so did my weekend Baecation! It was a great break and great memories were made. Hope you enjoy my trip recap via my style chronicles. Until next time…

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