At Work With Ask_Bianca: Photoshoot Day

Hello, Happy Friday! I hope its been a good week! Its been a good week for me, but its also been a busy one. So busy that I didnt get to tell you guys about the photoshoot I worked last weekend.
But no worries, I have some time today so here goes my rundown of the shoot. Checkout some behind the scenes footage, including me at work and then some of the final pics…

For anyone who has ever taken part in a photoshoot, you know it’s an all day process and it’s a lot of hurry up and wait. I also had some travel as the shoot wasn’t at home for me so my day started around 7 (or that’s when I was started my chronicles of the day to come)

P1160496There is makeup….P1160455And hair to be done…

Testing of lighting and camera setup…

Planning of looks for the models…More makeup..(touch ups between shots)

Whew! I am tired just looking at the pictures! As I told you before, shootings an all day event, I started at 7 to get to the shoot, after hair and makeup, we probably started the actual shoot around 11 and didn’t wrap up until around 330 with more looks we didn’t even get to! This is only some of the shots, there was also a fitness look…..Long day right?!? But it was worth it, great shoot and I met some great people, all good at what they do!

Now that we have seen the process, check out some of the final pics below…






Makeup: Shanae M Artis
Wardrobe: Biancamyscstylist
Hair: Styles By Anes
Photography :KeVision Entertainment
Models Indiana Giordani Tywana Green

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