T-Shirts at Work: A Do or a Don’t?

The long debated topic of what is and what is not appropriate to wear to work has been a long standing one. What is and what has been worn to work has significantly changed over the years, each change becoming more of what some deam as too lax. These changes and acceptable work wear rules can be attributed to many things, including a natural change in clothing styles as the years change.

DO:Keep it to a minimum – DON’T make tees part of your weekly rotation

DO:Keep it professional – DON’T wear wording, prints or graphics that are not appropriate for work 

Today there is much we are able to wear to work that our parents and our parents parents would have never thought they would see; jeans (the horror!) sleeveless tops (that’s a discussion for another day) and even shorts in some work environments. 

DO: keep it neat and professional – DON’T   Wear oversized or old, worn tees

DO: Remember it’s still work, DON’T get too comfortable. Keep the rest of your look as close to professional and typical work attire as you can.

I started my professional work career in corporate American and because of this and lessons taught while in college studying business, there are some things that I will always be traditional about when it comes to work wear. As my work environments have changed over the years; becoming more creative than some of my work wear practices have relaxed , but some of the core, more conservative principles, I have kept in place.

DO: Opt to wear your tee as a Casual Friday option – DON’T wear for presentation or office meeting (unless it ties in with your presentation or meeting)

DO: Chose an option that ties in with work or the company brand. Ex: brands the company represents or company issued tees

So in regards to the question of t-shirts at work, my take is this; it’s a real grey area. With the jobs people do today and the environments they work in, there are times when a tee is completely appropriate and there are other times you should chose to save the tee for the weekend. My best advise, keep my DOs & DON’Ts in mind and follow the cues of your work culture. 

As always, stay stylish and send me any questions you may have on style!

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