The White Rule: The Labor Day Cutoff

The Labor Day cutoff for white has been a thing for as long as I can remember. While many follow this “rule” many others take the stance of rebellion and refuse to pack up white after the holiday. 
Where exactly did the rule come from anyway? I never knew why this was the rule, it was just accepted as fashion gospel and followed. 

Upon doing a little research, the history of this rule is thought to have originated with the desire of those from high society to separate themselves from the working class. The super rich were able to go away and vacation for the summer and while vacationing, they opted for white as their leisure time color of choice until it was time to return back to the city, normally after Labor day.

Is this really true? Maybe. A good enough reason to pack away your white at the end of summer? Probably not. Just as with most other seasonal fashion, with the right tweaks and subtle changes to HOW you wear it, white can definitely still be stylish and appropriate even after the color cutoff of Labor Day. 

What are your thoughts on the white rule? Do you agree? Do you follow this color cutoff law? Comment and let me know your thoughts!

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