PICI cannot count how many times I have looked in my closet and said, “I have nothing to wear!” And I don’t know about everyone else, but I absolutely meant it. I asked Bianca to help style me for work. She came to my home, and quickly got to work. Bianca pulled pieces out of my closet and made several outfits. She used clothes that I frequently wore and made outfits I had never worn.
Not only did she help build a work wardrobe, but she also gave me style tips. She taught me how to create outfits and how to make my simpler looks more complete. She suggested pieces I should consider purchasing as staples for my wardrobe.
I can’t wait to work with her in the future as I prepare for my engagement shoot! SHARNEE WHITE

PIC 2When I say Bianca is a natural, I mean it! She has a passion and knowledge for what she is doing and puts her all into it. Bianca has always been very fashionable and stylish and I remember knowing in my heart she would be the perfect person to help me find my own personal style. I continue to consult with her for various functions I attend different looks I am trying to put together and even an occasional closet make-over every few years. She knows her stuff and loves what she does and I would recommend her services to anyone!